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The guitar in this is so. Damn. AMAZING!!!

Plants need three essential nutrients Nitrogen. Phosphorus. And Potassium.

Nitrogen = Blood = Leaves/ foliage

Phosphorus = Bone = Stems & Roots & Flowers

Potassium = Flesh = Fruit/ Seed baring plants & Plant Hardiness (temperature and water deprivation)

When a Mammal dies it provides a ton of nutrients in bulk, but a living organism provides a continuous source of nutrients through waste at more manageable levels.


Good Badlands: Dry Terrain of the American West Captured in a Brief Moment of Color by Guy Tal

Its so sad that some of the lowest paying careers in the united states and many other first world countries are the most valuable. Like Horticulture, Agriculture, Fine Art, Psychology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Social Work, Film, Photography, Music, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Writing & Journalism, and Education… Things that keep us alive and sustain our well being and the future yet pay so low that its financially difficult. 

Herbalism doesn’t even have a certifiable degree. which is extremely sad because its possibly one of the most important medicinal fields. But the fact that its significantly less profitable to use organic and natural remedies that can’t be patented makes it something uninteresting to the FDA and Congress. Which is why there is “no evidence” to prove natural treatments because the FDA is completely uninterested in it. The fact that we don’t have much of a budget to study the natural occurring plants in our environment is so stupid I can’t even begin to explain.

Pharmaceuticals are derived from plants usually single compounds that are assumed to be what is benefiting for treatments for illnesses but the fact is that when you isolate a single compound and try and use it as medication it becomes unbalanced and causes tons of side effects when consumed which is extremely ironic yet extremely profitable.

in a natural environment with all organic foods our bodily waste would be nutritious enough for plants to consume AND the plants would create ways to treat and heal our own illnesses even better. I mean despite how cruel we are to the environment we provide the nutrients that the environment needs us just by living, its the basic idea of the ecosystem. We provide essential nutrients for plants just by going to the bathroom. But when we decide to create all kinds of chemical products that can reduce labor and care for our products we are poisoning the environment which in return poisons us. when with some education and knowledge and a few extra workers everything could be done the right way.

Money has created such a short term economy that its literally destroying the planet and why everyone is in so much damn misery right now. eventually we won’t even be able to afford to fix the damage cause the cost to repair the damage keeps going up and up. All the most important careers for repairing the world are the LEAST PAYING which sickening beyond belief.

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Led Zeppelin | Since I’ve Been loving you (Rough Mix of First Recording)

“It’s an earlier take. The energy is so raw. It’s really moving,” - Jimmy Page.
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Wild Beasts | Reach A Bit Further

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Someday We’ll All Be Free

by Donny Hathaway

2004 These Songs For You, Live!

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Phone Went West // My Morning Jacket

Tell me I’m wrong… Tell me I’m right… Tell me there’s nobody else in the world

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Yer Blues - The Dirty Mac